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When a person is arrested and booked into a jail, the jail location, the bail procedures, and the time periods for booking and release are highly dependent upon the city or community where the arrest occured. To view the Jail & Bail procedures for your city or community, just click below on the link for the city or community nearest you:

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When a person is placed into custody, the bail amount is set by either a judge or by the jail personnel using a countywide bail schedule established by the Superior Court judges. Once a bail amount is set, either cash, a cashier's check or a bail bond may be posted at the jail or court. However, the jail facility will not accept the bail until the person arrested “clears” a records check.

The records check includes taking “livescan” fingerprints and then electronically sending them to the Department of Justice in Sacramento. Daily, the Department of Justice shuts down for maintenance from approximately 2AM to 4AM. Sometimes the electronic “system” goes down and defendants who have arranged for and are attempting to have their bail posted, simply are left to sit for hours and even days until the “system” comes back on line. Also, sometimes jails like the Long Beach Police Department do not assign a technician on every shift to process the records checks. Prolonged system outages and not staffing a technician on every shift are certainly a denial of due process which can result in a prisoner being held many hours or even days beyond the point when the posting of bail should have been accepted. Where is the ACLU when you need them?

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