Silver Snowball is a simple but very effective program to acquire both affordable silver and FREE silver. By just buying each month at least one 1/2 ounce .999 silver coin ($35.50 + Shipping), you also receive a free Silver Snowball website that you can refer others to visit. Whatever is ordered from your website, you receive a 50% commission in silver. That's correct!!! If a 1/2 ounce silver coin is ordered, you receive a 1/4 ounce silver coin FREE. If an ounce silver coin is ordered, you receive a 1/2 ounce silver coin FREE. If two 1 ounce silver coins are ordered, you receive a 1 ounce silver coin FREE. Whatever the total of all the ounces of silver coins ordered from your website each month, you receive half that amount in FREE silver coins. It doesn't get simpler than this. To read more information and to open an account, click on the beautiful silver coins below:





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