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Hyperinflation is coming . . .SOON

If You Think The Economy Has Been Bad But Is Getting Better...

You Need To Know What's Coming!


Your USD electronic & paper assets will not survive!

What to doHow to prepare?


WHEN HYPERINFLATION STARTS, it will be important to have already preserved the value of the dollars you have. NOW is the time to start buying some gold and/or silver. Keep in mind that gold coins are much more expensive to buy than silver coins (the exception being a Goldmoney account). Also, when prices are rising rapidly and you use some of these coins to buy necessities, you won't want to use a 1 oz. gold coin and then receive back paper money (FRNs) in change. That paper money will be worth less and less by the day or possibly by the hour. You can buy gold and silver from local or national dealers, whoever offers the best prices. Just Google: "coin dealers". Do not buy rare numismatic coins. Instead, purchase bullion which is current and recent issue coins and rounds by the US Mint, foreign government mints, and/or private mints. Bullion is gold or silver valued by weight. You can also purchase bags of older circulated US coins (nickels, dimes or quarters) that contain real silver and are often referred to as "junk silver". You cannot buy bullion for face value because the price is based on weight and the current price of gold and silver. That is why gold and silver bullion are perfect for preserving your true wealth. There are two programs I recommend. They are "Goldmoney" and "Silver Snowball". What a great way to start acquiring gold and/or silver AND to give yourself a way to earn while spreading the word to others. Go to: Goldmoney and Silver Snowball

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Building a food and water supply is critical. At a minimum, a one month supply with three months being better and six months or longer being the best. When hyperinflation occurs having bullion will be a real advantage in obtaining groceries when prices change daily. However, one of the results of hyperinflaton will be the widespread disruption of the trucking industry (the supply chain). When this occurs, even bullion will be of limited help in obtaining food when the grocery store shelves are empty. Your bullion WILL continue to preserve your wealth, but I additionally recommend building your own food storage supply with dehydrated food reserves consisting of tasty, nutritious, and long shelf life foods (15+ years) along with associated items at: FOOD STORAGE

A potable (safe for drinking) water supply is critical. If you have your own well and plan to stay put, you are good to go. For those without a well or those who plan to "bug out" to a safe location, there is a unique technology that pulls water out of the humidity in the air. Take a look at: There are also water filters available at: WATER FILTERS


No amount of preparedness will be of value if you do not have physical security. You should plan to either relocate to a safer location (bug out plan) or smart harden your present location. Smart hardening your present location involves better locking devices, strengthening exterior doors, easily installable inside window protection with black out curtains, a water supply, smart food storage, a solar/wind generator and/or battery bank (IMPORTANT - all this should be done without being detectable from the outside). Take a look at: Bulletproof Home. However, if you want to learn the knowledge and skills of our Forefather's then take a look at: The Lost WaysFor solar and wind systems go to: SOLAR POWER SYSTEMS WIND POWER SYSTEMS

Now when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans the 911 response was unreliable to nonexistent. So be aware, if your city ever files for bankruptcy and/or during "social chaos"; the police response, the fire response, and the paramedic response may become very limited. So in addition to silver and gold, you should consider some "lead" too. Whether bugging out or staying put, you need to seriously consider the possesion of and training with firearms. Basic firearms training can be obtained at local gun ranges. One of the finest firearms training institutes is Front Sight Resort ( located on 550 acres just outside of Las Vegas in Pahrump, Nevada. Front Sight Resort is among only a handfull of exceptional US civilian training facilities. Front Sight Resort offers over forty 2 day and 4 day courses from basic to very advanced. Take a look at the course descriptions found at I'm giving away FREE some 2 day and 4 day Front Sight training courses. These courses cost from $1,000.00 for the 2 day courses and from $2,000.00 for the 4 day courses. I'm giving them away for FREE so you can get the best training available. Email if you would like to know more about Front Sight or if you want a free course.

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Last but certainly not least, is your physical health. Dr. Joel D. Wallach has spent the majority of his adult life educating the public about the fact that most human diseases (cystic fribrosis, alzheimers, arthritis, aneurysms, heart desease, high blood pressure, diabeties, obesity, infertility, birth defects, muscular dystrophy, fibromyalgia, etc.) are not genetic diseases but the result of malnutrition of essential vitamins, amino and fatty acids, and minerals. Dr. Wallach has authored many books and presented numberous lectures on the subject. His most well know book is "Dead Doctors Don't Lie". Humans require essential nutrients in daily optimal levels to prevent developmental and degenerative diseases, to maintain normal sociability, and to reach our attainable life expectancy. The "90 For Life" nutrients (91 actually) are "essential" because our bodies can't manufacture them so we must consume them every day, and if we don't get them we get a horrible collection of diseases. These essential nutrients are 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids, 3 fatty acids, and 60 minerals. Today there are plant derived vitamins, amino and fatty acids but due to modern agriculture, there are no longer plant derived minerals. Dr. Wallach has developed supplements of essential nutrients that he calls "90 For Life". To get the Healthy Body Start Pak 2.0, go to:


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